What is Eyelash extension ?

Eyelash Extensions are an exciting way to enhance the eye by extending the length and thickness of your eyelashes. Silk, Synthetic or Genuine Mink lashes are individually applied with a medical grade adhesive to your natural lash. The result is longer, fuller.


How long does it take ?

Depending on the type of lash set you choose they can take anywhere from 1 to 1.5 hours. Touch-up appointments are usually 1 hour.


Are the extension glued my skin ?

No, lash extensions are applied 1-2mm away from the skin and attached directly to the natural lash. At no point should the adhesive ever touch the skin.


Is the eyelash glue safe ?

we use only the highest quality glue which has been extensively researched and tested. Although reactions are extremely rare, we do recommend a patch test to test for any sensitivity to the glue, this will take approximately five minutes and will need to be done at least 24 hours before your appointment.


How long will my extensions last ?

With proper care, your extensions will last 3-4 weeks. You should expect to shed most of them throughout the growth cycle of your natural lashes. We recommend coming by for in fills when your extensions begin to look sparse.


What’s the difference between ‘ lash extensions’ and ‘cluster lashes’ ?

Lash extensions are individual synthetic strands, curled like natural lashes. Cluster lashes are made up of 3-4 strands fanning out from a “bulb” glued on to your natural lashes.

We do not do Cluster lashes.


How different is Volume Lashes from normal ?

Normal extensions are applied one on one to the natural lashes. Volume lash technique is also called Russian Volume Lashes and consists of applying super light and thin 2 to 6 lashes per natural eyelash to create volume. Per lash is made lighter than a normal single lash. 200 lashes up to more than 600 lashes can be applied.

The volume eyelash extensions are very different to cluster lashes or flares, Volume lashes extension procedure may take anywhere from 2 hours.


My lashes are sparse/short/fine/curly – will that be a problem ?

Most clients are good candidates for lash extensions, no matter what their concerns. However, the style our therapist will help you create may vary depending on your natural lashes. If you’re really concerned, consider a free consultation with one of our therapist to discuss a design that best suits your lashes.


Can I wear make-up ?

Yes, however, only Oil-Free make-up remover should be used. Oil’s will ‘break down’ the adhesive causing your extensions to fall out prematurely. If you will be wearing eyeliner, avoid gels in pots and pencils. They contain oil and wax that can break down the adhesive.

do not use a mechanical lash curler, crimping the lashes will break the bond of the adhesive and break the lashes.

do not use waterproof mascara

To be careful not get tangled with the cotton when you remove your makeup


How can I care for my eyelash extensions ?

Do not wash your face within 5 hours, after your eyelash extensions.

Dry your lashes with dryer after face wash


Can I swim ?

Avoid getting your lashes wet for first 5 hours. Avoid Steam Showers, facial steamers and swimming pools for 24 hours.

Your eyelash extensions will resist water, sweat and tears. For the best possible results we recommend the use of goggles.


What should I do before my appointment?

Make sure your eyelashes are squeaky clean – no traces of eye makeup – prior to your appointment. Use an oil-free make up remover if possible, and rinse well. Any traces of oil or makeup (especially mascara!) will create a barrier between the adhesive and your natural lashes, causing your extensions to drop off prematurely.