Q. How long is the Collagen Light Therapy bed?

A. Our bed has a maximum time of 20 minutes.

Q. What is the difference between Collagen light therapy and LED (light emitting diode), IPL (intense pulsed light) and Laser therapy?

A. collagen light Therapy uses red light fluorescent lamps to penetrate the whole body and is affordable, non-evasive, natural, pain-free and do not cut, burn or break the skin to get the desired results.

LED therapy uses light emitting diodes which typically penetrate the face only and cast light in just one direction at a very narrow angle therefore requiring longer session times. It is also a very expensive treatment.

IPL therapy can only be applied by a professional who uses an IPL machine to penetrate certain areas of the body with an intense heat to clear specific areas of the body. It is also a very expensive treatment and is not 100% pain free.

Laser therapy can only be applied by a professional who uses a carbon dioxide laser to vaporize upper layers of the skin so that new skin reforms and is typically very invasive, painful and extremely costly in regards to other light treatments

Q. What can I expect from Light Sources Rejuvenessence “Collagen light” treatments?

A. Treatments using red light will improve skin tone and texture, control pigmentation spots, help reduce pore size, encourage vibrant, healthier-looking skin, and reduce wrinkles. Anti-ageing red light therapy stimulates circulation and repairs the elastin fibres within tissue to help keep skin firm.

Q.Does Collagen light therapy produce the same light as from the sun? Can it damage my skin?

A. Too much sunlight can affect the skin due to the emission of broad spectrum ultraviolet energy through the atmosphere. Rejuvenessence “Collagen Plus” lamps utilize the visible spectra of light at 633nm (red), but contain no UVA or UVB rays.

Q. Does the Collagen light bed tan? 

A. No. The red light therapy lamps do not transmit any UV light.

Q. How soon do results become noticeable?

A. There are few immediate changes to skin, as change occurs naturally over a period of weeks. Everyone reacts differently, depending on their age and the condition of their skin. In general, best results are achieved over an 8 – 12 week period.

Q.Does Rejuvenessence “Collagen light” treat acne, age spots, and sun damage?

A. Collagen light helps remove the bacteria that causes acne, and generates cellular activity that deals with age spots and sun damage. Anti-aging red light therapy brightens skin and reduces the formation of pigmentation marks.

Q.Does Collagen light treat cellulite?

A. No, there are no studies suggesting that cellulite is treatable with collagen light therapy.

Q.Does Collagen light therapy work equally well on all skin types?

A. Rejuvenessence “Collagen light” therapy is safe and effective for all skin types and colours. The main prerequisite is that skin be clean for effective light transmission.

Q. How long do the results last?

A. Results depend on the length of treatment and the original conditions being treated. Skin rejuvenation is a dynamic process. If maintenance treatments are discontinued, natural expression lines will gradually return over the course of time, at which point re-treatment can be put in place.

Q. Is Collagen Light Therapy safe?

A. There’s absolutely no pain or discomfort during treatment, no medical risk, and no recovery time. Why? Unlike many other treatments – like IPL (Intense Pulsed Light laser), microdermabrasion and chemical peels – there is no initial ‘controlled damage’ done to your skin. Collagen Light Therapy does not cut, burn, or break the skin as with laser treatments. Long recognized by European dermatologists, FDA-approved as safe. It’s one of the latest and most advanced anti-aging treatments to look younger and better without surgery.

Q. Do I need to protect my eyes?

A. Yes, this is very important. The supplied protective glasses must be worn during every session to protect the eyes against the high intensity of the light.

Is there anything special I should do before starting a Collagen light therapy?

A. To obtain the best possible result we recommend cleaning the skin first, so nothing will inhibit the light from penetrating your skin. Some cosmetics can also contain ingredients which may cause allergic reactions. Therefore also select the correct session time on the system.

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